Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Miss You

It still hurts seeing the picture of what you could have been
God, You know the plans
I’m the one that stands
To gain
Your eyes must be like the stars that fill the sky
Your smile like the rain
Wash away the pain
I feel

I miss you
Though I’ve never seen your face
Never felt you sweet embrace
I miss you

Knowing that in the August breeze I’d have held you
The turning of the autumn leaves
You were never meant to see
You sit with the one who made the earth and sky
The fight was over before begun
Now you sit with the Son

I miss you
My arms are empty, my heart is full
God’s grace is enough to get me through
I miss you

Copyright 2009 Christine Emmick
All rights reserved

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Response to “Skeleton American”

This poem is in response to a piece called "Skeleton American" written by an author simply known as "Dan."

By Christine Emmick

Guilt of gluttony you fear more than all
Rattle your finger in alarm
While Forgiveness and Grace ask silently
To take you in Their arms

While fruit that would give you life
Sits rotting at your feet
Your pride of self and indignation
Give rise to defeat

Know the Maker of the vine of life
The One who made the frame
Can bring new flesh to cover bones
And wash away the shame

Copyright 2009 Christine Emmick
All rights reserved