Sunday, June 22, 2014


Passion, like a flame
Well cared for and contained
In the confines of the hearth of marriage
Will give warmth for a lifetime
And bring joy forever to those who live in the home of promises kept

Flames, as well as passion
Left to burn where they may
Will destroy the house and those who live there
Leaving nothing but ashes and ruin
Bringing despair and bitterness to those who had once called it home

Do not allow old flames to rekindle
Keep them far from your heart and your home
Lest they become the very flicker that burns it to the ground
Bringing tears and destruction
And a bitter root planted in the hearts of all who lived there

Oh daughters of Jerusalem
Do not awaken love before it's time
I beg you to keep your passions contained in your hearth
So they may bring you and your whole household
A lifetime of warmth and joy

Copyright 2014
Christine Emmick

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

There Is No Difference

Vanished are the pay-scales, power struggles and plights

In a well seasoned smile

Sprinkled with love, acceptance and humility

A kind word to strangers

Can melt the hardest heart, and turn the well worn frown

We really are... the same

Photo and text Copyright 2014 Christine Emmick