Sunday, May 2, 2010

Running from the Son

The time I spent hunting sin, living on the run
I’d like to forget
Every moment spent
Running from the Son

Torment, discord, mal-content, it really isn’t fun
Wasting time
And soul and life
Running from the Son

He pursues His child beloved, leaves the flock behind
Love has found
A soul was bound
Now no longer blind

I surrender all the cares, giving up what’s mine
The Great I AM
Holds in His Hand
The life I’ve longed to find

Free from burden condemnation, all sin is washed away
With a view
To start anew
Each and every day

Longing now to walk with You, the battle has been won
There’s no alarms
Safe in Your arms
No longer Running from the Son

Copyright 2010 Christine Emmick
All Rights Reserved

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