Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Princess

Dedicated to Kira Fry - Miss PA Pre-Teen
By Christine Emmick

There once was a young girl
Who was modest and fair
No matter the quest
She did it with flair

Her friends they were many
‘cause she thought of others
She treated them all
Like sisters and brothers

Then one special day
She embarked on a quest
Even though it was tough
She gave it her best

The plan wasn’t hers
It was laid at her feet
But she’d not accept
The sting of defeat

She took not the strife
The toil or despair
She left them behind
Then gave up her hair

Did she sulk or weep?
That’s not our girl’s way
She smiled and accepted
Each God given day

As a gift to unwrap
And then give to others
The joy that she’d found
To her sisters and brothers

When you lead like a servant
Like Jesus did
God gives you gifts
That others would dread

Since she knew the difference
Between good gifts and bad
God knew He could trust her
With this gift that He had

Alopecia’s the gift
That she has been given
It’s brought only to those
Who are worthy of leading

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