Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 21 2012

Heaven is now. The joy of the Lord is available to us now and is our strength in troubled times.

Peace is here. When we put down our knowledge to pick up wisdom, we gain a peace that surpasses earthly understanding.

As believers we have the hope of glory now because Christ now dwells in us. This earth may pass away tomorrow, or 100 years from tomorrow.  When this happens should not concern us because we have access to all things in heaven now!

Is there mourning? Is there grief? No... not when we understand that earth and everything on it is temporary, and to be absent from it is to be in His presence. Everything we see, He sees. Spirit speaks to spirit beyond human language.

Be still... and know that He is God.

Seek Him... and the glory of heaven is yours... now.

Merry Christmas

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